We take child safety extremely seriously. At ChatterFire, we believe that effective moderation for a safe online learning community focuses on three crucial duties.1429162797_Lock

  • To supervise. The Internet is incredibly exciting, yet potentially extremely dangerous. The primary role of moderation is to ensure that student members of ChatterFire come to no harm, by requiring that all posts and messages comply fully with our House Rules.
  • To guide. Children, their parents and teachers put ChatterFire staff in an immense position of trust. This position must be maintained by rewarding members, giving them help as quickly as possible, and providing a listening ear in times of need.
  • To host. We want children to be delighted and inspired in our learning community. ChatterFire staff must constantly provide new, interesting, interactive content for members to explore.

In designing ChatterFire, it became clear that committed, experienced, friendly human moderators would be at the core of our moderation workflow. These moderators are assisted by our in-house automatic system, called Monitor. Together, our moderators and Monitor are able to provide real-time moderation at all times when children are online.

For example, when a member sends a message to another pupil, Monitor assigns it a risk rating in real-time. If Monitor detects personal details, account details, or inappropriate topics, it will invite the member to amend the message straight away. Monitor can also understand more nuanced concepts, such as bullying – in these cases a moderator is alerted, who can check the message before it reaches the recipient.

“Being a moderator is a challenging position – it is an incredibly delicate balance over supervising too much and too little! I tend to be quite lenient when approving articles, encouraging members to try new concepts and ideas, but strict when it comes to the House Rules. Seeing members absorbed in the safe online community is very rewarding.”
Joe, Moderator


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